Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cris: May 2011 Photoshoot Journal


Never really was a major interest of mine, I must say but I love taking pictures of other people doing their thing... so this is what I will do!

As long as there are cosplayer there will be cosplay photo shoots and so long as there are cosplay photo shoots, there will be ME.. taking pictures of the process! and carry your bag, and helping with equipment, and watching out for the model and makeing sure no one watches them as they change their costumes out in the open.

I am Cris and this is my journey.

Though my journey has really just begun, it's already off to an amazing start!

I was there for the St. Augustine shoot but we've already covered that so let's move forward, shall we?

Down Town Orlando and another great shoot with Ashley! though I have very little knowledge of the character she was... *shrug*

Walking the streets of Down Town Orlando surely was a gas and the spots we shot at were spot on (amazing place for Silent Hill shoots!!)

It being Cinco de Mayo, we sure did give people something very interesting to see while walking the street.

I do believe my favorite part though was when we weren't out and about in the crowds! behind a tall red building, atop the tall staircase stood Ashley as she stretched out on the rail to give Karlene a pose for a good shot...

and then...!

Work lets out and a few rather amused employees of said building get a good chuckle at the end of their work day.

O the things I happen to catch!

O yes! and the little trolly ride was fun as well! ^_^


the shoot didn't last long but it was another fun experience and I hope to go back down town soon for another.

P.S.... Unda'pants

A few days later... Stevens Shoot!!

Ah, yes the Loveless shoot! this was a great one!

Steven was in fine form today as Ritsuka and thanks to him, we were able to use this great park he showed me as the location! Nothing screams LOVELESS SHOOT more then the beautiful outdoors and this fantastic butterfly garden and walking trail was absolutely perfect.

Karlene was in fine form as well, finding great places to get the shot she wanted and succeeding absolutely!

Though there was a slight wardrobe malfunction, I was able to spare my fox tail for the good of the shoot, just in case we needed it... and later finding out it sat outside a Denny's for over an hour all by it's lonesome without me even noticing it had vanished! I consider it the Houdini of faux fox tails! it always comes back to me ^_^

This shoot ran us quite awhile, a whooping 6 hours out and in total but I guess you can't really count the time we just sat in a Denny's cooling down as part of the shoot. It was still part of our day out and I must say I love the shots I came out with (I love even more the shots Karlene came out with)

There are many many more shoots to get to so follow me as I take you behind the scenes and undercover of the world that is a Mission Cosplay Photoshoot!

 So am I done??? do I get paid now??

Karlene: No, you don't get paid! There was no agreement to payment! Anyway, thanks Cris for all the great photos and comments! Check out all her images in the SlideShow section of the blog. <3

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