Saturday, April 23, 2011


Yeah... I know... I haven't done much with the blog recently... I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues... First of all, I've been dealing with my last month of classes and some of the hardest papers I've had to write all semester... Well, more like time consuming papers. Honestly, I shouldn't even be writing this blog entry right now, but I'm so sick of making Unit Plans and Explaining My Ideal Classroom, that I needed a bit of a break. Secondly, my health has been acting funny lately. Nothing serious, but it has affected my day to day living. I want to say its all based on the stress of this last month, but there is something else that has caused it... but I'm not going into detail about it... I'll just say I'm going to see someone about it and then I'll be fine. Like I said, it is nothing serious, so there is no reason to worry...

Any who...

Originally I wanted to write a review on my favorite Romantic Comedy anime/manga: Ranma 1/2, but do to the fact that I still have so much homework and papers due, I've decided to wait until after class is over to talk about Ranma. Instead, I've decided to write about some webcomics that I have been meaning to give some praise to. 

Scandinavia and the World: First I have to say this... I dislike Hetalia... Okay, to be fair I haven't watched or seen anything Hetalia related and I may never give it chance thanks to their huge fan base. I never thought it would be possible, but I officially am more annoyed by Hetalia fans than Fruits Basket fans... I never thought this would be possible. If your not familiar with what a Fruits Basket fan (usually fangirl) is, then you are one lucky soul. Fruits Basket fans have this reputation of being incredibly annoying and the ultimate definition of the stereo typical yaoi fangirl. Ever since an incident I had at a Hot Topic many years back (I was attacked by a group of Fruits Basket fangirls because I was holding a t-shirt... I was so scared), I have been afraid of Fruits Basket fans... and this has nothing to do with the anime. I love Fruits Basket, but unlike Hetalia, I saw Fruits Basket before I met the fans. But I'm starting to go off topic... Recently at conventions, I have noticed that there have been a large number of Hetalia cosplayers and fans. As the convention seasons goes on, I've realized that they have been growing in numbers... and it started to make me have that Hot Topic memory flow back into my mind *shiver*. So what is the point of all this... well Hetalia (hopefully I'm correct) is an anime that takes place during World War II but the twist is that the countries that faught or where involved during the war are given a character representation of themselves... then add the yaoi, funny misunderstandings, and cute stories to make up this anime/comic. The reason I bring up Hetalia is because the webcomic Scandinavia and the World has that same premise, but it way better and WAY funnier. To be fair on my opinion, I did do some research on Hetalia, but in the end, it didn't sound as good as Scandinavia and the World. Reason being is because Scandinavia and the World seems to do a better job at taking the different stereotypes of each country and poking fun at them. What I really enjoy about this webcomic is the depiction of America... I mean how much more on the ball could you get! Being that I am a born American, I enjoy seeing how other parts of the world view us because I know America must come off as a bunch of know it all. Personally my favorite character has to be Finland... he's just so angry all the time. It makes me giggle. The personality of each character... or country... is fun and easy to enjoy, but what is also great is that the comics ties in with current events, actual historical facts, or stereo types of each country. The creator of the comic comes from Denmark, but that does not hold her back from making fun of her homeland and in the end that is what makes this comic better than Hetalia for me. Its about making fun of the world as others see it, while still keeping with the facts or just overall great humor.

Check it out: Scandinavia and the World

Wasted Talent: This webcomic is the telling of the creator's life journeys. The creator, Angela Melick, makes really well drawn and humorous webcomics of the things happening in her life currently. What I really like about the webcomic is that she is obviously a nerd, but she decides to not talk much about her nerdy ways but more about her everyday life. Of course the nerdy stuff comes out from time to time, its who she is. What I really like about this webcomic is how relatable it is. She starts the webcomics with her attending University up to her current day to day life. She talks about her job, her husband, and anything that happens to happen. Her comics really remind me of my life (except her's is way more exciting). In the end what I really enjoy is that she pays attention to the small things in life and places her observations in a humorous way. Sometimes people forget the little moments in life and they take for granted what is happening within their lives. Those small moments is what makes their lives and who they are as people. Angela does an amazing job at capturing her moments and presenting them for us to enjoy.

Check it out: Wasted Talent

So yeah, that's pretty much it... I've distracted myself long enough and its time I go back to my homework. See you in May! 

So are their any webcomics you really enjoy? Let me know, I'm open to new ideas. :-D

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