Thursday, May 20, 2010

this was the sky im under 2 days ago.

and this is the sky behind me.

and this is what in between. scary can. my house was right under those cloud. i felt fear when i enter it. but after awhile i find it ok and cooling. HAHA

since the world gonna end. i shall seek for world domination. :)


so anyway today i went to changi naval base. it was fun seeing all the large ships. but me and shaun couldnt get on to any ship because the waiting time was dam bloody long. so frm walking one platform to another. we are really exhausted. =w=
here are pics of the navy performance~

ok nothing much, we were standing quite far thats why

we waited 1.5hrs to board the bus, seriously the queue is like 3km long la. and is dam pack. >_> i regret going somehow, should have stay in school and watch dear aiiki do her nafa. hurhur

hippo bus!8D
our journey back is nice and windy

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