Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tales of Symphonia Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume

Are you still wondering is it possible to go as Emil Castagnier from tales of symphonia? Do you still doubt that whether the “Knight of Ratatosk” you play at the cosplay show is as cool as that in the game? Don’t worry! We can help you to make it easily and instantly. Fabulous Tales of Symphonia Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume can be found here.

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Emil Castagnier wears a bright blue sleeveless loose decolletage. It reaches to the knees but it is bottomless. There are golden and black cross striped belts both on the breast and waist of his body. Besides, the black loose breeches that Emil Castagnier wears also have two big golden cross stripes on both thighs. you can also notice that the shoes are the same black and golden striped. This style highlights the individuality of the “Knight”.

Then, focus on the golden hair of Emil Castagnier. You will find a little special horn standing on the head. If you don’t have such handsome hairstyle and color, we will provide you all kinds of wigs. Just take a look and choose as you like. Due to the sleeveless shirt, your shoulders and arms are naked. Then you can pick up a black scarf to decorate your neck and wear a pair of black elastic sleeves. The scarf is as special as the cross belts on the breast, because there are both signs of “V” engraved in them.

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There’s one more thing that will impress your audience when you are on your cosplay show. That’s the sword. It symbols the spirit of braveness, chivalry and adventure.

We offer custom made services. Quality Tales of Symphonia Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume, Cosplay Wig and Cosplay Weapon are provided here. You will become a real Emil Castagnier at the cosplay show.

We are dedicated to make you the spotlight of your cosplay show. Just trust us and choose any style of product as you like. We offer competitive prices and free shipping. Our Emil Castagnier Cosplay Costume surely won't let you down. Click the picture below.

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