Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tales of Symphonia Decus Cosplay Costumes

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You must desire to have a stunning cosplay costume for a long time! Our Tales of Symphonia Decus cosplay costume would satisfy your needs. With good quality, perfect imitation and inexpensive price, doesn’t it attract you? Here more information are given.

Our Tales of Symphonia Decus cosplay costume includes several parts: a jacket, a waistcoat, a pair of shoes cover and wrist bands, a necklace, gloves, pants and other accessories. The jacket is white with a purple wrister on the arm. There is a square hole in the front of the jacket which can highlights the inside purple tie of the clothes. Acutally it is not a real tie. It is more like a necklace and there are three metal buttons at the top. Also a fur collar is added to make you look the same as Decus. As for the pants, they are black with three purple bands on. The whole suit is a perfect imitation of Decus’ in Tales of Symphonia. If you wear it, everyone would wonder whether you are a real Decus from Tales of Symphonia.

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Besides the identical look with the original character, our Tales of Symphonia Decus cosplay costume is made of high quality and nice craftsmanship. The material used for producing the costumes is uniform cloth. The fur collar is made of plain weave wool. All those materials are healthy and do no harm to human body. We also guarantee you that you will receive what you see in the picture.

In addition we offer you the most competitive prices. Although our Tales of Symphonia Decus cosplay costume has superior quality, the prices we give is relatively lower and we make sure that it is affordable for you. What’s more, free shipping is also provided. This term makes the deal more reasonable and cheaper for you.

With such convincing and attractive advantages, doesn’t our Tales of Symphonia Decus cosplay costume capture your eyes and heart? Don’t refuse it for it would make you be the most charming person like Decus at any cosplay shows. So buy it via clicking the picture below.

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