Saturday, August 6, 2011

San Diego Comic Con 2011

*Sigh* Teaching, modeling, family life & life in general is really taking it's toll on me. I am completely and utterly exhausted. Not to mention a tangled love life and  my train hit and killed a man on my way to work last week. I really and truly need a vacation and have to get away from it all. I think I'm under the delusion that I am really a Wonder Woman and have to do it all. I'm going to end up in the hospital if I don't slow down, which is something my doctor yelled at me about last year.

This year's Comic Con was a whirlwind. Traveling from the east coast to the west cost is very exhausting. Lucky enough, my gal pal Haydn Porter (the super gorgeous playboy model) and I were on the same connecting flight to Cali so we got off the plane together and shared a cab to our hotel, went shopping and had lunch on the town with a new fellow Slave Leia named Rebecca while we waited for our manager to arrive. Entertainment Weekly stopped by my room shortly after to photograph me for their feature "Slave Leia: Some Assembly Required" (which can I say, how stoked I was to be the subject of an article by this famed magazine! AWESOME!). I asked Haydn to be in on it to; they photographed my progress on becoming Slave Leia and even followed me to the convention where Haydn and I were working that night (preview night). Because of the press I get and my online following, Rebecca has nicknamed me "Celebrity Leia". LOL Check out the article here:,,20399642_20511850,00.html

On Preview Night I met the creator of the Monster High dolls, which I collect and am a massive fan of. I got to talk to him for a while and he was very nice and even took a pic of us together with his phone. The rest of the show is such a whirl wind; I posed for so many pics, attended the Slave Gathering, did interviews, met fans from Twitter and Facebook, met up with friends like artist Billy Tucci, attended a private Lucasfilm party, went to South Park Land, hung with friends and ended the trip with seeing Captain America. I wore my Catwoman costume, Belle and Lara Croft. Sadly there was no time for Wonder Woman and Supergirl although I packed them. Did lots of shopping for myself and loved ones and met super amazing cosplayer Joanie (who also made my Supergirl outfit) and Emily Ruth (we were Disney Princesses together). I also worked at the Terminal Alice booth dressed as their character Cara with my girls as two of the other characters. Made lots of new friends and posed with one of the best Lara Croft cosplayers, Vera Vanguard. Many of the Slave Leia's this year were absolute dolls.

The fans seemed more aggressive this year. I don't know why certain people think it's okay to put their hand on my ass or ask creepy questions (are you alone?) or try to start arguments with me because I'm in the middle of a telephone conversation and won't pose for a photo (boy did that guy get told off by Catwoman!). Comic Con is like a small country with no laws. There's way too many people and not enough security. I have the most problems at this show because there isn't a constant male companion at my side like there is at hometown shows. Maybe I should hire a bodyguard next year. lol  Thank God for friends though. They kept me sane among the craziness. I guess I will finish out this blog by saying I was asked to return next year and probably will (I have a pretty sweet gig) and will probably take more days off before and after the show to recoup. I went back to work way too soon. Below are some of my favorite pics. Be sure to see the rest (as I slowly upload them) on my official Facebook Page:

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